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シアトルのレストラン レビューや旅先で食べた料理、小耳に挟んだ食べ物雑学など、とりあえず食に関するネタを中心に書いてます。最近はレストラン レビューがめっきり減ってしまいましたが、おうちで作れる簡単おいしいごはんの紹介をメインにしたいなと思っています。

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by seattleokami | 2006-04-28 14:47 | English Version
I know...I have been procrastinating for months now but due to popular(?) demand, English version is finally available (Well, at least I'll give it a try).

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Here is a little token of my apology for being lazy.

(If you don't know about my carbonara club, ask me :-))
by seattleokami | 2005-08-30 23:06 | English Version
Well I was not on vacation quite yet, as I was in Madrid for work. But knowing there would be a business dinner hosted by the partner, I was all ready for my first Spanish food in Spain!

It's a well known fact that dinner time in Spain is considerably late. The dinner organizer said that she had asked the restaurant to open for dinner at 8:30pm only for us, the foreigners. People usually do not start eating until 9:30 - 10:00pm here! Following what locals do, we started off at a tapas bar enjoying a few aperitifs with olives. All day my mind had been focusing only on this dinner. No lunch, no snacks on the plane. I am so ready!

The restaurant was called Menta y Canela - a traditional/contemporary Spanish cuisine.

As my manager and I were guests to the dinner, we asked one of the Spanish partners to select appetizers and wine. Here are the appetizers:

Jamon Iberico, Fresh white anchovies, and white fish mousse. And, then of course - Gazpacho!

e0061902_155617.jpgYou can add any toppings of your choice to the soup.

I had never eaten gazpacho like this before. Gazpacho I knew was more sour and tangy that two spoons were usually enough. But this cold soup is creamy but not heavy. It tasted almost like good broth. With all the topping added it makes it a very soothing summer soup. On a hot, muggy night, it really hit the spot.

I just did not realize at this point how many gazpachos I would end up eating in the next few weeks.

OK what's next? Oh my god, squid ink, already!? I was thinking about trying something with squid ink during the trip but did not expect to have it on the first night.
e0061902_24432.jpgDeep fried Merluza with baby squid ink sauce

Merluza is nice any fatty, although its flavor is rather bland.But this concentrated squid ink sauce was perfect in adding such deep "squidy" taste.

To be honest howerver I do not remember details of the dishes I had. Part of it is because it was a business dinner after all, so I was not completely relaxed to enjoy the food.

Well, next day my real vacation starts!
by seattleokami | 2005-06-23 07:37 | English Version
The biz trip was only for three days, but I really wanted to try some Irish food one night. By the last night, my stomach was exhausted from very rish fois grais, pork bellies, chips(fries), and wine(thanks to my French co-workers!), but I coudn't leave without being a tourist toasting with Guinness and Irish Stew!
Someone from Dublin office recommended GALLAGHER'S BOXTY HOUSE in Temple Bar, although this restaurant serves Murphy instead of Guinness (like I care?).

I was strongly recommended to have Fish'n Chips in Dublin, and here was my chance to try them. But staring at the menu, there were too many that I want to try! No way that I could only order one dish as many of you know how I am at a restaurant. I decided to compromise;steal some Irish Stew from other peoples' plates and narrow down to two dishes to order for myself.

e0061902_3245466.jpg McGowans Coddle - sausages, bacon, thyme, parsley & diced potatoes cooked in "very salty" broth. I had to gulp down two pints to wash off the saltiness in my mouth(but because of that I gained some respect as "real Irish" :-))

e0061902_3275340.jpg Fish and Chips - Before

e0061902_3292269.jpgFish and Chips - After (chips were taken care of by my co-worker who admired Irish fries)

Irish Stew was not bad. Simple and Hearty soup(yet it was rather soupy).

Adios Dublin! I will come back!
by seattleokami | 2005-06-21 00:20 | English Version
It's been pretty wild in June, July and August in many ways. First, there was my first journey to Spain and Portugal (an intense one!). On top of that, job interviews, business trips to Dublin and Madrid, transition work in my previous team, and overwhelming few weeks in the new working environment.

That's the excuse for why I have not posted any photos from my vacation till now...

In any case, I had my 41st birthday in Dublin, where I had never been to before. And it was the first day in the city. A few co-workers were kind enough to accompany me to share the pain of aging. We went to Eden, the contemporary restaurant that my friend K recommended. What did I have for the main course on my b-day? What else - PORK BELLY. My recollection is vague already (that is part of the pain) but it was a slow-broiled pork belly topped with caramelized onions and pear sauce on the bed of soybean puree. The meat was so tender and flaky that I did not need to use a knife. Layered fat gave a very nice flavor (but not greasy;that's important:))

Below is my dessert Peach Sandae.

by seattleokami | 2005-06-19 23:17 | English Version